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Deb Kelly is the owner of Tickets for Groups, Inc. Her background in marketing at Walt Disney Theatrical Productions and group sales at Radio City Music Hall launched her on a personal mission to help group buyers everywhere.  After all, whether the group you are in is filled with friends, family members, fellow students, or workmates—isn’t there something special about experiencing a Broadway show together? Some personal notes...Deb forces her guests at Broadway shows to play the “How Many Have You Seen?” game in the back of the Playbill.  Also, she is only consulted for help with Trivial Pursuit questions in the “Entertainment” category.

Robyn Ruehl-Lippert (Group Sales Manager)  joined Tickets for Groups, Inc. in 2003, managing group sales for all Broadway shows and various exhibitions across the country. Prior to Tickets for Groups, she worked on the production side for Walt Disney Theatrical Productions' Beauty and the Beast, King David, The Lion King and Aida on Broadway.  In her spare (haha!) time, she can be found on local stages either performing or producing.  Robyn is a founding member of

Hemlock Theatre Co.  She is an aficionado of Broadway minutiae

and is (probably) currently listening to HADESTOWN. 


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